A case of 12 bottles from 12 different countries plus a World map and markers to track your journey! Each case will include 12 hand selected beers from the list below:


Bangla | Bangaladesh | 4.8% ABV 

A favourite for the team at The Beer Explorer. Bangla beer has been designed to complement Bangladeshi and Indian Cuisine. It has a deep gold colour, reminiscent of the golden hue of the sun setting over the Bay of Bengal.


Lucky Buddha | China | 4.8% ABV •

Lucky Buddha 'Enlightened Beer' is a unique lager imported from China. Naturally brewed from water, malted barley, rice and hops yeast, it is crisp, light and refreshing… and the bottle looks amazing!


Fiji Bitter | Fiji | 4.6% ABV 

Fiji Gold and Bitter are the most commonly drank beers on the island, but Fiji Bitter is billed as “the real taste of Fiji”. An easy to drink beer with a smooth, slightly malty body, showing hints of caramel with pale malt sweetness.


Bombay Bicycle IPA | India | 4.2% ABV 

Made in collaboration with the experts at Freedom Brewery to an indian recipe, this is a perfect IPA for the serious craft ale drinker….and it's vegan too!


Hitachino Nest White Ale | Japan | 5.5% ABV

Hitachino Nest Beer has been brewed in the Japanese village of Kounosu since 1996, using the Kiuchi family’s traditional sake brewing expertise which dates back to 1823. A refreshing, mildly-hopped Belgian style beer with a complex flavour of coriander, orange peel, and nutmeg. White Ale has won gold medals at several beer competition in U.K. and U.S.


Beerlao | Laos | 5% ABV

Beerlao is brewed from the best local rice and high-quality malt from Europe, giving it a unique taste. Since its launch in 1973, Beerlao has become the bestselling and leading brand in Laos.


Phoenix Beer | Mauritius | 5% ABV

A refreshing golden lager, Phoenix beer has been brewed to the same recipe for over 50 years. It’s made with the finest malted Spring barley, giving its unique taste and proud Mauritian heritage.


Tiger Beer | Singapore | 5% ABV

Born in Singapore in 1932, Tiger Beer is a refreshing and full-bodied lager. Bold with a bite, Tiger Beer is enjoyed in more than 50 countries around the world.


Cass Lager | South Korea | 4.5% ABV 

In 2011 Cass Lager became South Korea's number one selling brand, overtaking Hite. This is a light, refreshing brew, endorsed by the big man himself, Mr Gordon Ramsay.


Lion Beer | Sri-Lanka | 4.8% ABV

Lion Lager is a traditional premium larger, brewed in Sri Lanka since 1881. Made from the very best ingredients. It’s malty, refreshing, and natural tasting - a beer full of character, just like the Sri Lankan people.


Leo Beer | Thailand | 5% ABV 

Brewed in Thailand by Broon Rawd Brewery, the story goes that Broonrawd (the founder) travelled to Europe in the early 1930s to see how the best beer in the world was made. Using what he’d learnt, Broonrawd developed a traditional Thai beer with influences from Europe. The first bottle rolled off the production line in 1934 and by 1939 Broon Rawd Brewery had received royal approval, signed by King Rama VII’s Regant - the only brewery in Thailand to receive this status.


Habeco Hanoi Beer | Vietnam | 5.1% ABV

This brew was started by a Frenchman named Hommel in 1890 with the aim of serving the French crusaders. In 1954, North Vietnam was completely liberated, the French army retreated, leaving the Hommel brewery it in a state of disrepair. In 1957 the brewery was restored under the new government’s economic recovery and renamed Hanoi Brewery. The finest malt, hops and rice give this beer a hint of floral.


Red Horse | Philippines | 7% ABV | 12 Bottles 

An international beer award winner, Red Horse Export Beer us a strong, high alcohol content beer at 7% ABV. It is a deeply hued lager with a distinctive, sweetish taste, balanced by a smooth bitterness. But be careful – it’s strong !


Gold Medal | Taiwan | 5% ABV | 12 Bottles

Brewed from the finest Taiwanese local rice, this refreshing golden lager is crisp with a rich flavour of malt. Perfect for enjoying with seafood, hotpot, sushi, teriyaki and nibbles.




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