How did it all start? Here at The Beer Explorer, we love beer (obviously), but we also love travelling. Like many people, wherever we go the local beer always becomes a talking point. Whether it's the price, taste, or appearance. 

One of our earliest ideas for The Beer Explorer came a few years ago whilst watching the sun set in a Sardinian beach bar, three sips deep into quite possibly my favourite beers to date - Ichnusa non-filtrata. This is a Sardinian beer for Sardinian people. It was a beer I'd never tried, and certainly one I hadn't seen back in Yorkshire. After a quick google search it became apparent that it was very hard to get hold of.


Fast forward a couple of years, I was discussing my beer revelation with Danny, co-founder of The Beer Explorer. We quickly realised that he had the same problem; whilst on a business trip to Japan he discovered Hitachino Nest, which he loved but could not find in the UK. This mutual frustration gave us the push to get started, before you know it... The Beer Explorer was born (and yes, we sell both of the beers mentioned if you want to try them for yourself).

The Beer Explorer isn't just another online beer retailer, it's more than that. The company was founded on a love for travel and exploration, and to share the experience of trying new beers from distant countries. Join us and start your beer journey here.


Before you say it, we know it is possible to buy our beers elsewhere. But here at The Beer Explorer we see ourselves differently for four main reasons: 

  1. When you order an adventure crate you will receive 12 unique beers from 12 countries.

  2. You receive a high quality World map with your first adventure crate and markers to track your beer exploration.

  3. We do our best not to include beers that you can find easily at your local supermarket. 

  4. We only ever include bottles, not cans.


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